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Syntechara intro

Syntechara intro

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Popular Use Cases

Online Learning

Enhance online learning videos by adding a realistic looking speaker of your choice. Localize the videos into multiple different languages and produce videos at scale in just minutes not days!

Corporate Training

Onboard new team members or publish information internally easily and at scale through adding realistic speakers.

Hyper-personalize the message by using the name of your client or specific accent.


Sales Presentations

Real Estate.jpg

Add a personal touch to online listings (e.g. real estate) or other product videos by adding a message by your sales team.

Video production without cameras and actors!

Create lifelike videos just from text and save time and money.

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How it works
Create videos in three simple steps

Choose avatar or
create your own


Insert text in
your language

Choose back-ground & create


John Doe

Twitch Influencer


John Doe

Twitch Influencer

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Why businesses use video avatars?
Achieve enormous potential for increasing your sales and reducing costs.
Stand out from the competition with innovative AI-based video creation and impress audiences.
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Increase revenue


  • Reach international target groups in different languages

  • Generate more leads and convert more customers through automated lead generation & sales videos

  • By creating video content, you can increase awareness of otherwise neglected content (e.g. articles, presentations)


Save time


  • Automated video translation and creation reduces production time and costs (e.g. no cameras, no actors, no voice overs)

  • Lower complexity of content production

  • Dubbing and video creation becomes relevant to content for which it was previously unprofitable


Impress audiences


  • Stand out through innovative video presentations with lifelike avatars

  • Create creative campaigns (e.g. bring deceased personalities back to life, and much more)

  • Hyper-localization and personalization (e.g. using first names and local accents to tailor messages to client profiles)

Why Syntechara?

AI-based video production, unlocking new opportunities

Easy steps:

Choose avatar or

create own


Insert text and choose language


Choose back-ground and create

Create videos in minutes,
not weeks

No need for film crews, studios, actors, voice over artists and cameras.

Free trial
Create your videos in mutliple
different languages

Remove the language barrier and engage local markets and company departments with native video content.

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Peter Doe

Fitness Expert

Use multiple built-in avatars or create your own avatar

Create videos with Syntechara avatars or upload a custom avatar to the platform.

Free trial

Custom synthetic media campaigns

We create individual video campaigns using various AI-based synthetic media methods.


  • Change the lip movement (lip sync) and the audio content in existing videos

  • Exchange of faces (face swap) and voices (voice cloning)

  • Individual video adjustment in our Synthetic Media Studio

  • Campaign design and end-to-end creation of video content

Our Clients

Why do you like Syntechara?

"More personalized video content with less budget"

With Syntechara we were able to personalize a lot of our content and generate personalized video messages. Syntechara avatar videos are a perfect tool to increase opening rates and customer involvement.

Samuel Pochers

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