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PORTAL for Avatar Videos

With Syntechara self-service PORTAL, you can create lifelike synthetic videos at scale and at lower cost.

CUSTOM Campaigns

Create CUSTOM synthetic media campaigns together with our agency. We support you in the AI-based creation of video, voice and text.


API Integration

Personalize your video content at scale by using automated mass video creation through our API.

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PORTAL Use Cases

Use Caes
Use Syntechara PORTAL to create lifelike speakers for numerous applications.


Online Learning.jpg

Corporate Communication



Real Estate.jpg

Sales & Online Marketing


Much more...

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Text to Video

Type in text and automatically create a lifelike-looking personal video.

Multiple Languages

Localize at scale through automated video translation. Select form multiple languages, neural voices and accents.

Avatar collection

Select from a diverse set of avatars pre-trained and ready to speak  in your videos.

PORTAL Features

More features...

Add backgrounds and music. Publish on video sharing pages. Upload and download functions and more.

Custom Voice

Add a custom voice-over and even let you voice be auto-generated.

Custom Avatars

Create custom avatars of your  choice and create personalized videos with them.

CUSTOM Campaigns

We create individual video campaigns using various AI-based synthetic media methods.
Custom video creation


Creation of a realistic video of Salvador Dalí (30 years after his death!)

Custom video creation


Conversation with an AI avatar in the form of a real person including lip synchronization and voice adjustment



  • Change the lip movement and the audio content in existing videos

  • Exchange of faces (face swap) and voices (voice cloning)

  • Individual video adjustment in our Synthetic Media Studio

  • Campaign design and end-to-end creation of video content

  • AI-text generator


Use Cases

Creative Ads

Create stunning ad campaigns for brands. Localize and hyper-target content to increase attention and conversions.

Influencer marketing

Include celebrities into your influencer marketing videos at reasonable costs.

Educational videos

Use popular faces and voice to generate unique educational content with high retention.


Create lifelike chatbots through the use of different synthetic media technologies.

Time travel

Bring dead personalities back to the screen. Without the cost of Hollywood-style CGI studios.


Detect and remove unwanted synthetic media content that may be harmful.

And much more..

We have more use cases for you available or do you have an idea? Let's talk!

Custom Campagns
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